Making it simple for you to choose the most suitable and cost-efficient fixed/flexible energy contract over the most advantageous period.

Procurement Service
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Effective Procurement Strategy

At SSC Energy we understand the complexities associated with managing your energy products. We can advise and develop effective strategies for your business and implement a procurement policy that clearly defines your method for purchasing, and how you can save money, whilst minimising any risks associated with the process.


We will audit your supplies to gain insight about your energy needs and how we can help.

Audit Process

Based on our findings we will recommend the best utility strategy for your business needs.


We will find the most efficient procurement deals, manage all the contracts and transfers, and deal with any queries with the suppliers on your behalf.


By outsourcing your energy accounts to us, you can concentrate at your other business needs, without compromising the quality of your account management.

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Our team of energy experts work with a wide variety of businesses to help get the best market price for their gas and electricity.
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Our energy procurement service is a hassle-free way to compare energy tariffs.

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Dedicated Account Manager looking after your energy needs from the outset.


Providing comprehensive reports to ensure efficient use of energy.