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A complete energy cost reduction package that will deliver bottom line savings for manufacturing and distribution business customers
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At SSC we understand that energy forms a significant element of business cost to our manufacturing customers.
With varying pressures on this industry, energy should be an area of opportunity for savings and efficiencies, from supply contracts and reclaiming inaccurate charges to exploring new avenues.
We understand that manufacturing in the UK is under significant pressure from increasing costs and mounting competition: the drive to cut costs has never been more important and optimising your energy strategy can contribute to that.
From using less energy to receiving expert guidance on production schedules and optimising energy performance, there are many ways that energy management can support manufacturers’ overall objectives.
Manufacturers consume huge levels of energy in order to run their business and SSC can help reduce these significant costs.
We are independent and purchase energy on behalf of many companies which means we hold strong purchasing leverage within the market.
We are so confident with our service that it is offered to clients on a no contractual tie-ins basis with our clients free to leave us at any time. In addition, we can assist with any other energy needs you may have including smart metering, advice on energy efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint, new connections and demand reduction schemes.
Our optimisation scheme can help you to review your demand and maximise your production schedule, making the most of your flexibility without impacting your performance or output.
With new schemes and technologies on the horizon to support balancing the Grid, there are new ways to mitigate rising costs and generate revenue.
We will complete a detailed review of your existing generation capacity as well as any waste products that result from your manufacturing or distribution process in order to establish whether any opportunities exist to gain additional revenue for the business.
We have a wealth of experience in helping businesses in the manufacturing sector select the most appropriate energy tariffs, monitor energy usage and find cost-effective alternatives.
Energy legislation has become an increasing issue for UK manufacturers and it is vital that you comply with legislation where required and maintain the appropriate documentation.
SSC will provide the expert advice you need in order to firstly establish whether or not legislation impacts on your business and then support you in ensuring compliance. Accredited CIBSE Low Carbon Consultants, we can deliver support across a wide range of compliance requirements such as CCA’s, CRC, EUETS, ESOS, TM44, DEC’s, ISO50001 etc.
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Strategic Procurement service to purchase energy in accordance with a pre-defined budget target.
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Our energy procurement service is a hassle-free way to compare energy tariffs.

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Dedicated Account Manager looking after your energy needs from the outset.


Providing comprehensive reports to ensure efficient use of energy.