Working With Charities

We have more than a decade of experience working with charities and non-profits. Let us manage your portfolio, so you can concentrate on making the world a better place.
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At SSC, we have taken the time to understand our large multi-site customers, be that in retail, the charity sector or within the leisure market.
From understanding how changes to both commodity and non-commodity costs impact your business to managing compliance and reporting, we can help – leaving you free to run your portfolio.
With proven experience in delivering energy reduction projects and identifying existing and emerging technology, we can also help you to reduce consumption without impacting customer experience.
Whilst energy costs in the retail sector are responsible for a very small proportion of total business turnover, if companies take steps to reduce these costs, there can be a direct increase in margins experienced.

Charities and non-profits have been under constant pressure to justify their spendings and operation processes. Also, the more you spend on your utilities, the less you can utilize for your charity cause.

Trying to set the best utility strategy can be daunting when you have multiple sites to manage and constant rising costs. Not to mention the endless exemption forms and compliances that need to be filled out and sent to the relevant parties, which is time consuming.

In our experience charities have more inaccuracies on their invoices than any other sector due to those exemptions not being applied to the proper accounts, or being completely missed during the billing process. 

At SSC we have specialists who work mainly with our charitable and not-for-profit organisations in the UK. They have both the knowledge and experience to create the best utility strategy based on your particular needs, and the data collected from your portfolio. 

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Lets Get Comparing

Over recent years we have helped multiple charities and not-for-profit making organisations achieve the right price for their energy.
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Our energy procurement service is a hassle-free way to compare energy tariffs.

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Dedicated Account Manager looking after your energy needs from the outset.


Providing comprehensive reports to ensure efficient use of energy.